All of my training sessions are experiential and practical. The skills and tools that you learn can be used immediately.

Where possible we work with your current live issues to create authenticity and genuine engagement. We always work in a Thinking Environment as the ten components promote the best conditions for thinking and learning.

Every session has a clear structure with plenty of opportunities for reflection and consolidation of your learning.

Personal Development Groups

Working out what you really want from life … and how to make it happen!

Learn valuable personal development skills and tools to use in everyday life by exploring live issues and topics of your choice in a safe and supportive group.

Over an eight week period we think, practice and reflect and I encourage you to journal your experiences so that you can document your learning process. We use mindfulness exercises, peer coaching techniques and work on building self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Thinking Partnerships – Peer Coaching

This course is the first stage in learning in depth about the meaning and application of a Thinking Environment.

We explore the Ten Components which create the optimum conditions for stimulating powerful independent thinking.

I introduce you to the theory, principles and six-part format of a Thinking Session.

You learn by participating as a Thinker or a Thinking Partner in Thinking Sessions. We use live and current issues where possible and we also observe coached demonstrations.

Groups range from 2-8 people and use the larger group for discussion and reflection. You will receive a certificate on passing the course and this is necessary if you decide to study further to become a Time to Think Coach.

Mindfulness – Relax & Focus

Actively seeking a state of present moment attention and awareness help us to create a calm and focused approach to life.

We look at ways that we can use the five senses, breath, counting, walking, naming and body scans, to train ourselves to relax and focus our minds and to observe our thoughts and feelings with a clearer perspective.

We consider how these exercises can help us to increase our self-awareness and improve our emotional intelligence.

Presentation Skills – Connecting with your audience

There are many reasons, both personally and formally, that we need to deliver presentations or speeches.
On this programme we look at what makes a good presentation and the skills and tools that help you to connect and engage with your audience.

The Time to Think Council – Family & Group Wisdom

Thinking Councils are effective for gathering the diverse perspective, knowledge and experience from a group to help you think through your own issues more effectively….without being told what to think or do.

Unlocking the Potential of Diversity

 ‘Welcoming divergent thinking and diverse group identities’

This programme focuses on the way that assumptions about group identities affect thinking, goals and performance.

I enable you to identify, challenge and remove assumptions that are untrue and limiting. Using breakthrough Incisive Questions you create liberating and true alternatives which allow for fresh thinking and new possibilities.

Finally you discover ways that this potential can be embedded into your life and working practice.

Effective Meetings – Getting the best out of people

Holding meetings in a Thinking Environment ensures that:

  • Agendas are purposed, focused and well timed
  • All participants are engaged, valued and energised
  • Full use is made of the diversity of the group
  • The outcomes, actions and next steps are clear
  • You save Time and Money!

During the Transforming Meetings programme you learn the building blocks and applications of the meeting structure.

You take part in a real-time meeting to achieve concrete results.


Do you want an outside facilitator to generate extraordinary thinking and superb outcomes, with ease, in record time?

Would you like every person in the group to think independently and collaboratively with excellence?

As a Thinking Environment Facilitator I work with you to deliver bespoke meetings and group events exploring issues such as Leadership, Core Values, Equality & Diversity, Change & Transition Management or topics of your choice.

“Leaving space for active thinking was great. Much was achieved in a short space of time, and as someone who also participates in frequent global calls, Friday’s well-timed session rates extremely highly”
Carmen Scoots

Contact me to book a free 15 minute introductory call/zoom session:

“I was impressed at how much we achieved in the allotted time. I definitely felt that the facilitation and the pre-email helped that. And, to end on time, with all the points covered with time for reflection without feeling rushed was brilliant”
Jonathan Goldsmith