Sessions and Courses

I run a variety of sessions and courses which are all experiential and practical. They are designed to develop key life skills like independent thinking, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This helps you to create sustainable ways to deal with the changes and challenges that you meet.

At the heart of all my work is a belief that the best learning and personal growth occurs in an environment designed to allow you to feel encouraged, valued and at ease, in other words, a safe and supportive environment.

Every session has a clear structure which I will guide you through, with plenty of opportunities to reflect on and learn from the process as you work through it at your own pace.

TTT is extraordinary! I was able to speak about my issues in a totally honest way, getting things out of my head and into a safe space. There is something about the swift and powerful changes that came from this kind of thinking environment that I find hard to explain and have never encountered before, but I now see things from a completely new perspective that I didn’t have before.
Hannah Tolley


Time to Think Coaching

One to One

These one to one sessions usually run for an hour once a month, or at time intervals of your choice, and can be in person or on Skype.

Contact me to book a free 15 minute introductory call/skype session:

Thinking Partnerships
Small Groups 2-4 people

Thinking Partnerships enable you to experience and explore a way of being with other people which brings out the best in everyone.
There is a network of other people who have done this course which means that you have access to many other Thinking Partners with whom you can practice and develop your skills.

During a three day course you learn and practice the ten components of a Thinking Environment: Attention, Ease, Appreciation, Feelings, Information, Equality, Diversity, Encouragement, Place and Incisive Questions. You also learn to use a question framework which stimulates our natural thought process, allowing powerful independent thinking.
You will receive a certificate on passing the course and this is necessary if you decide to study further to become a Time to Think Coach.



Mindfulness Based Meditation
Small Groups & One to One

Actively seeking a state of present moment attention and awareness helps you to create a calm and focused approach to life, and an increased ability to make emotionally intelligent choices for yourself.

All the exercises are designed to be easily integrated into everyday life.

I run small groups on a weekly basis or as one day workshops.
For a more personal focus I also offer one to one sessions in person or on Skype.