Thinking things through with a Thinking Environment Coach gives you the focus, time and space to really explore your issues. You can decide what you want to achieve, what is stopping you from doing that, and how to make and manage the changes that will get you where you want to be.

These one to one sessions usually run for an hour once a month, or at time intervals to suit you, and can be in person or on Zoom.

Group Coaching

Small Groups 2-12 people

Working together enables you to experience and explore ways of thinking and listening which bring out the best in everyone. Drawing on the wealth of experience and the diverse thought processes of each individual builds trust and respect. It will transform the way that challenges are met within your teams and organisation.

The processes that I use and the thinking, listening and communication skills that are learned during group coaching sessions, can also be applied to improve other aspects of team building and leadership.


“TTT is extraordinary! I was able to speak about my issues in a totally honest way, getting things out of my head and into a safe space. There is something about the swift and powerful changes that came from this kind of thinking environment that I have never encountered before, but I now see things from a completely new perspective.”

Hannah Tolley