About Me

As a Personal Development Coach, Teacher & Facilitator I have powerful tools to help you to get what you want out of life.

In my mid twenties I studied counselling skills which gave me the structure for my own personal development, increasing my self awareness, learning invaluable life skills and improving my emotional intelligence.

Walking and yoga continue to help me to keep my mind, body and spirit healthy and flexible. I have also studied, practiced and taught Reiki and currently teach Mindfulness based meditation.

I have always loved theatre and my involvement in productions and acting classes has not only given me greater personal confidence, but has also given me other ways to explore living in the moment, response-ability, playfulness and the way that people relate to each other.

Another aspect of my career was in Retail Management in London. It equipped me with strong organisational, business and people skills. I was actively involved in change management, using new technologies and opening new stores. I am currently the Managing Director of a book-keeping business, based in Ludlow, Shropshire, specialising in supporting and training start-up and small businesses.

At the heart of all my work is my passion to support and enable people to live meaningful, purposeful lives. To experience the happiness that comes from being true to ourselves and achieving our potential.

I fully recognised this in my early twenties when I bought a one-way ticket to India and travelled onwards on a shoestring, through Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia. Living in the now, appreciating that less is often more, experiencing some of the most beautiful parts of our natural world, and some of the harshest realities, changed me for the better.

It left me with a very different perspective on life and inspired me to develop the skills that I had to make a positive difference in the world.

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